Education and life skills

Education is the movement from darkness to light.

Education and life skills development in rural India program is aligned with Sustainable development Goal.

The future of our country lies in uncertain, deprived hands sleeping under trees or benches in bone freezing cold. The children of our country will be the legacy we leave behind and yet; the present situation leaves us in shameful distress.

MAKAL has come with the holistic approach to education, which can help in eradicate illiteracy among people More the literacy among people, more will be the awareness of their human rights, health etc. As “AN INVESTMENT IN KNOWLEDGE PAYS THE BEST INTEREST.”

MAKAL has come up with number of programs which actually needed to eradicate illiteracy and can improve life skills.
  • We help children, including the most vulnerable, access quality education and attain functional levels of literacy, numeracy and essential life skills. When children can read, they can better advocate for their rights and help provide for their families.
  • We help Children to make good judgements, protect themselves, manage their emotions and communicate ideas and can frame great future for new generation b
  • We provide education so that Children can read, write and use numeracy skills, Adolescents can be ready for economic opportunity, this will improve the thinking of marginalized people and they will be ready to face their life problems.
  • We believe to make learning effective and fun.
  • We give importance to curricular activities and sports which can bring out other talent of children.
  • We believe that whole community get the opportunity to create learning materials for children that reflect their traditions, values etc.
  • Children, Men and Women living in these slums and under flyovers are keen enthusiast and curious learners. They need a teacher who can teach them where you can be their ultimate teacher and the guide. Our organization fulfils their basic needs like providing them with notebooks, textbooks, medical check-up and vocational training so that no child should left behind.
  • We focus on improving the conditions by which girls, especially those in the marginalized communities can access quality education. Education is an important tool that enables women and girls to participate in decisions that affect their lives and in improving their social status.
  • We intend to facilitate education, skills training and opportunities that can be engaging, productive and self-esteem enhancing for such children and youth in rural areas.
Thus, our initiatives not only support the formal school education platforms but goes beyond to create alternative and informal learning platforms that may meet the needs of the ones who keep away from the formal learning centers for one or the other reasons.