• MAKAL assists in empowering vulnerable, tribal, rural and urban communities to increase their resilience by improving food security and creating opportunities for income generation, overcome injustice, restoring hope and dignity.

  • We strongly believe transformation in livelihood, approaches poverty eradication, provides basic necessities of life (food, water, shelter, clothes, health and education) to the absolute poor.

  • We address the livelihood challenges of marginalised people in tribal region and to bring positive change in their lives and promoting livelihood improvement in an integrated manner.

  • We work on Healthcare, Education, Clean Drinking Water, sanitation and relief at local, regional and national levels.

  • We develop and facilitate networking for joint action on social issues to achieve greater impact.

  • We provide skills training to farmer groups to increase crops production which ensures sufficient food supply even in lean season and also assist in the formation and strengthening of self-help group (SHG).